Petro Canada REFLO A - Refrigerator Oil

Refrigerator Oil, Less soluble in ammonia refrigerant than solvent refined paraffinics and naphthenics compressor fluid yang digunakan dalam sistem pendingin industri dimana temperatures lebih -42°C/-44°F.

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Refrigeration Compressor Oil (Refrigerant /Refrigerator Oil)


Petro-Canada REFLO A Refrigeration Compressor Oil (Refrigerant / Refrigerator Oil) adalah ammonia refrigeration compressor fluid yang digunakan dalam sistem pendingin industri. REFLO A diformulasikan untuk mengungguli solvent refined paraffinic dan naphthenic refrigerant oils yang dapat memperpanjang hidup (extending life) dan mengurangi biaya operasi secara significant.

Superioritas dari REFLO A Refrigeration Compressor Oil (Refrigerant / Refrigerator Oil)  ini telah dikembangkan melalui pengalaman formulasi selama lebih dari 25 tahun. Dengan menggunakan process pemurnian Hydro Treat (HT Purity Process) yang telah di-PATENT-kan ini, Petro-Canada mampu memproduksi 99.9% kemurnian, crystal clear base oil – yang terkenal sebagai base oil yang PALING TINGGI TINGKAT KEMURNIANNYA di dunia dewasa ini. Bebas dari kotoran yang dapat menghambat performance dan diperkuat dengan spesial additives pilihan.

Menghasilkan refrigeration compressor fluid yang menawarkan kehandalan, kinerja jangka panjang dan secara significant menghemat biaya operasional.


Refrigeration Compressor Oil (Refrigerant /Refrigerator Oil)



Lower oil volatility reduces fluid consumption and maintenance costs

  • Significantly less volatile than solvent refined paraffinics or naphthenics at high temperatures
  • Results in less oil carryover to the refrigeration system’s low temperature side, reducing fluid consumption by up to 80%
  • Lower oil carryover also reduces sludging and deposit formation in evaporators, lowering maintenance costs


Lower solubility in ammonia improves system efficiency and performance

  • REFLO A is less soluble in ammonia refrigerant than solvent refined paraffinics and naphthenics
  • Less ammonia is absorbed into the compressor fluid, which can reduce foaming in separator tanks and increase system efficiency
  • Lower concentrations of ammonia in the fluid allows it to maintain viscosity, so it lubricates better, reducing wear
  • Less compressor fluid is absorbed into the ammonia, reducing the potential for fluid to block piping, valves and filters
  • Lower concentrations of compressor fluid in the ammonia also help to maintain refrigerant purity, improving system efficiency and performance


Excellent thermal and oxidative stability extends fluid life, reducing maintenance costs and downtime

  • Excellent resistance to oxidative and thermal breakdown guards against oil thickening, deposits and sludge formation
  • Helps to keep the compressor, heat exchanger and expansion valves operating at their design efficiency and performance standards
  • Extends fluid life, even in the presence of impurities in the ammonia refrigerant, saving on downtime and change-out costs


Additional Performance Benefits

• High viscosity index ensures proper lubrication and protection from wear over a wide range of operating temperatures

• High flash point ensures safe operation at elevated temperatures

• REFLO A Refrigeration Compressor Oil (Refrigerant / Refrigerator Oil) provides some rust and corrosion resistance to help protect components from attack by moisture and chemical impurities



REFLO A is formulated to lubricate ammonia refrigeration compressors used in large commercial operations such as cold stores, food processing plants, marine systems and ice arenas. REFLO A is also used in manufacturing industries that require low temperature control, such as pharmaceuticals and microelectronics. REFL0 A Refrigeration Compressor Oil (Refrigerant / Refrigerator Oil) can be used in ammonia refrigeration systems where evaporator temperatures are greater than -42°C/-44°F.

REFLO A is compatible with mineral oils such as solvent refined (SR) paraffinics and naphthenics, and may be used to top-up systems using these types of fluids. The full benefits of REFLO A will not be realized without a complete fluid change-out.

Most OEM’s use Neoprene® (Polychloroprene), HSN (Highly Saturated Nitrile) or BUNA N (Nitrile) and REFLO A fluids are fully compatible with these types of materials. However, when a compressor is converted from one oil formulation or type to another, there is always a risk of seal swell or shrinkage. Unlike naphthenic fluids or fluids derived from aromatic chemicals such as alkyl benzenes, REFLO A fluids cause little or no seal swell. Although tightening flanges can sometimes correct minor leaks, we advise that whenever possible, new seals should be retrofitted during the oil conversion. Follow the OEM’s seal recommendation for Hydrotreated Paraffinic oil (ie. Mycom W series reciprocating compressors should use HSN or Neoprene® only).


OEM Approved

REFLO A Refrigeration Compressor Oil (Refrigerant / Refrigerator Oil) is approved or meets the requirements of most major compressor OEM’s, including:

• Bitzer

• Frigoscandia

• Grasso

• Howden

• Huppman

• Mycom

• Sullair

• Vilter


Food Industry Approved

• Acceptable as a lubricant in and around food processing areas where there is no possibility of food contact

• NSF H2 registered

• Registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)





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